HOWMUCH is a new streetwear brand, with a question. HOWMUCH is a question that is asked way too often. The value of your product is less important than how the product is created. HOWMUCH will ask you a new question every month, HOWMUCH are you willing to reflect?  



HOWMUCH was founded by people who originally worked in the cultural sector before COVID-19 started harassing the world. The founders come from different cultural branches such as Art & Design, Event Organization and Clothing Industry. They questioned themselves a lot during the COVID period, the reflection of this journey had one returning question; HOWMUCH? 



The HOWMUCH community will be visible on this website take a look in the member section to find the style of your peers. Connect with them through fashion, what is your definition of community? 



Did you ever question yourself HOWMUCH? Are you ready to make up your own mind?  



The delivery time for HOWMUCH products is two to three weeks. Every product is produced when it is ordered to reduce stock waste. Make a difference where you can, will you? 


HOWMUCH is a new streetwear brand with a question.

Only questions. 

No answers. 

It is up to you to make up your mind. 


What value does your product have? 

HOWMUCH did you pay for it? 

Usually one of the first questions people ask about a new item you bought. 

But value is not only determined by what you pay for the product. 

HOWMUCH you pay is overrated.

People should stop talk about the price of a product. 

Instead start talking about the social and environmental impact. 


Each month a theme will determine the design of HOWMUCH products. 

Each time, the brand will urge you to take action. 

Questions will be asked. 

It is up to you how to respond. 

The time has come to hold up a mirror.

HOWMUCH will hold up that mirror. 

It is up to society to initiate change. 


Start talking about the VALUE.

Not the price.

How can you make a change in value? 

Does your lifestyle and your choice of clothing really reflect who you are? 

Make an impact that matters.